by Jez Bond

Just listening to the fabulous James Taylor and Carole King – highly recommended. I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain. Yep, that’s the theatre alright. We’ve got it all!

Started out in the morning meeting with Vinod, who owns the property next to us and is interested in looking at options whereby (if we raise additional capital now or down the line) we could purchase a portion of his building to use as a dedicated rehearsal room. Dave measured up and we just need to do the maths (or do the math as they say in the States).

Melli, Dave and I then went to the ABTT Christmas party at the magnificent Theatre Royal Drury Lane in the afternoon. Amongst talks about tallescopes, free flowing wine and food, it was great to catch up with some people (many of whom were recent acquaintances from the ITEAC). When we spoke to Mhora Samuels (of the Theatres Trust) and mentioned the possibility of using some doors from the old RSC in our building, she started thinking about bits and bobs they had from theatres that needed homes. We’ll see what happens here – but the offer is on to check out their basement when we go to their Christmas drinks next week!

Been sitting at home working schematics for some AV equipment. I’m afraid I need to keep a few things top secret so I will say no more! Ooh it’s so exciting!!!!!!

Right. 10.30pm – another hour or so then perhaps a movie. Oh crap I need to eat! Always forgetting about that. Hmmm… better dash more emails just in…..

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