by Jez Bond

With the temporary three phase power now installed on site, the concrete slab being cut out at ground floor for the drainage and the scaffolding company waiting in the wings it’s getting to the stage where we need to finalise our air conditioning. It’s the final piece of the puzzle, in terms of the fact that all the other contractors have been chosen. The reason we’re behind on our selection for the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is that the quotes have been phenomenally higher than our budget and the scheme needs some value engineering. The theatres are tricky. It’s not as simple as cutting out various elements here and there and cutting a few corners. Acoustics and comfort are a major concern. If not done correctly we’ll end up with a system that simply can’t run during the shows. So this value engineering takes careful planning. We had a good meeting today with a prospective contractor who is working with us to consider some changes and we think we can achieve this within our budget. We’ll know for sure next week. Meanwhile the show must go on…

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