by Jez Bond

One of those days where lots of little bits and bobs happened rather than one major event.

I met an American actor who had recently arrived in the UK and was keen to pitch a couple of interesting plays to us. Led by Melli and her important goal to readdress the balance of female to male work, we have been committed to sourcing plays by women and/or with strong female parts – not exclusively but it’s always in the back of our heads. It sounded like these might fit that bill and I look forward to receiving them.

We then organised a dinner with my ROH/NT pals who have been drumming up internal
support for us. There may be some exciting opportunities to link up officially. More on this, I hope, over the coming weeks.

Later I heard from an independent contractor regarding the substation. It’s big – but we can shave off a few centimetres from what we thought. As they say “Every little helps!”

Following on from my conversation with Fidelis yesterday and our email correspondence today I logged on to Amazon and bought three selections of plays by women playwrights.

So lots of reading coming up – plus I desperately need to reread some of the plays on my list of top fifty. Note to self: book a long weekend over the summer to go away into the country and read! If anyone would like to lend me their cottage it would be most appreciated! But if you’ve just a yacht in The Bahamas… well I suppose that will do!

Off to the Shaw Theatre now to see a drama school
production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. Rakie, from our board will be there. A good chance to catch up.

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