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This week has been one of promising new connections, heady discussions, exciting plans for future projects.  At Wednesday's party for friends and supporters old and new, there was an almost tangible fizz of creativity as groups formed and reformed, the conversational volume rose, and gestures grew ever more expansive.

In the midst of all this buzziness, I was twice able to slow down a little for much-needed reflection.  The first pause was at the Soho Theatre where I spent an afternoon exploring 'The Writer's Journey' with Sarah Dickenson, the BBC's Paul Ashton and playwright Ed Harris.  Much wisdom was shared, and just as importantly, all present were able to step back for a few hours to contemplate both the broader landscape of our work and the nitty gritty of how to get where we want to go.

The second pause was last night at another favourite theatre, the Finborough, where I saw His Greatness by Daniel MacIvor, based on the demise of Tennessee Williams.  In a week of happy chance connections it was right that I found myself in the company of revered acting guru Nina Finburgh, whom I had not seen for years.  Together we were able to laugh and be moved by the exquisitely subtle and detailed performances of the three actors - especially last-minute replacement Matthew Marsh, glorious in the role of The Playwright.  It is a rare production that can make theatre professionals to stop analysing for a second and simply enjoy; Ché Walker's production achieved just that.

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