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The last few months I’ve thought a lot about my family. This has much to do with the fact I’ve had few big changes in my life and they’ve been a fountain of support and advice. I’ve also thought about how their lives change and I see how it affects them, and in turn the affect it has on me. We are related so, certain life events become interrelated.

Your family, in the traditional meaning, are partly what makes you who you are, whether you know them or not (I’m talking DNA) but they can be the people you surround yourself with and they influence parts of who you are. There are other terms for family which are defined, basically, as a group with something in common – blood, location, characteristic or being gathered together. For me, what makes a group with these elements really deserve the title is how you feel about the people in that group and how you interact with them. When you can let each other know you’re feeling silly or really tired or fed up because it does not stop raining, or because the best breakthrough has just happened and you can’t stop smiling. When you  can say things that those people get in an instant, put up with if they don’t, or, relish with you.  Of course all families have different dynamics and boundaries and working with a family is different from having a Sunday lunch with them, but a lot of the same rules apply about accepting and respecting people, working at getting along, and having fun along the way.

Over my last few months I think I’ve become  part of a few families, or groups that may become them. This makes me glad. I like belonging to something. Park Theatre has its ethos in being a family and it’s one of mine. That sense is something we want to share, so do get in touch, get involved and  come to visit the house when it opens.


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