by Jez Bond

I was on the phone earlier with a company interested in working in the space. I decided to use the phone to have a few such chats recently as an email can lack tone and passion -plus by the time you’ve crafted it, re-read it and checked it over for grammatical error’s (intentional, I hate that!) you may as well have had a friendly dialogue!

It’s interesting to note that there are now ten theatre companies who have already come to us with enquiries. Christina is currently compiling a list of other companies that we can approach in order to spread the word nearer to our 2012 opening. My goodness there are hundreds of them out there!

We have been working on the banner today. The latest design we came up with was a portrait rather than a landscape orientation. This seems to work better with the image and text we want to display, however I now realise that we were planning to hang the banner between the windows on the facade and that if we opt for the portrait version we might block out natural light from the construction site. Note to Dave: Need to check the sizes. (I love that Dave reads this every day. We have a few faithful followers but none, perhaps, as dedicated as Mr Hughes)

Great news. We got the preliminary architectural lighting scheme from Hoare Lee this afternoon. At a brief glance it looks great. I need to take a better look tomorrow. Very excited!

An ever increasing to do list, but a home that at least is no longer full of crates of programmes. Did I really say to someone the other day that I would take their old collection? A few more hundred and we’ll hit the two thousand mark. When do we stop!?

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