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We’re still hugely focused on fundraising in the lead up to the opening of Park and beyond. As a charity there is, and always will be, fundraising to be done. It’s what will sustain our work and your enjoyment of what we deliver.

Our newest strategy is charity collection containers. Many charities use them and that is because every little helps and if you see ‘us’ while you’re out and about at your local shops or cafes, it’s a little reminder of what will be and continue to be a world class theatre from 2013 - with your help.

From Monday 10th December there will be a total 20 of these containers dotted around the local area.  Not only in Finsbury Park but also the neighbouring areas that are on bus routes to the theatre.

So, we thought we’d set a little treasure hunt for you.

The first person to spot 12 of them by the 31st January will win two tickets for the Park 200 opening show. Let us know the locations that you saw them in via email to [email protected] 


And, please do drop as much as you can into them: copper, silver, paper, gold -  all welcome.

Thank you for your support. Spread the word. Send your friends out to find them and donate. This is what’s making it happen!


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