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How do you bring a play to an end?

At Park we’re always talking about beginnings, what is evolving and how it will grow. But within this growth, this building and organisation, performances and shows will be housed and they need endings. And, the way a show ends is so crucial to how the audience can feel about the piece.

I’m sure most people reading this blog have seen a show that you really hope will end, think will never end, think it has ended and begin to clap – oh, the awkwardness (and usually pain) when it continues for another half hour! 

Is it better to end with a bang, where you catch you heart in your mouth? To slowly fade?  To have resolution and a happy end? I love that moment after you’ve seen something amazing and you have the  time to pause, to breath it all back in, sit and let what you’ve seen sink in. I like seeing that in the eyes of the actors as well. What you’ve just experienced and shared deserves a moment of stillness; a pause to re-adjust and come back to the real world.

I want to see a play that is like a good life - not ending to soon, without roundness to it. I don’t mean necessarily answering all the questions; it’s good to be able to keep questioning and thinking about the subject but there must be the sense that you understand something and aren’t left confused. To come away having seen a journey not a car crash. The right ending for each play is the same as the right ending for a life of anything or anyone.  Not coming too soon, not be drawn out and should have lived its life to the full....

What do you think makes a good ending? 

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