by Jez Bond

What is it about empty buildings? We’ve all walked past countless facades, windows bricked or boarded up, sold signs hanging loose and we’ve returned month upon month year after year to see no change at all. I’ve even known one that we were outbid on by an incredibly eager buyer that has sat empty ever since the auction day some two years ago and counting. What happens in these cases? It’s such a mystery to me. Does the money dry up? Do people intentionally sit on them for years just to sell them on in a different market? Did they apply for planning and not get consent? Wasted opportunities so many of them.

The worst of all is of course not knowing and being unable to find out the answer to these mysteries and the fate of these buildings.

That’s one of the reasons why I have been so keen to have an online presence  and to post here everyday. It has been a tough year, full of designing, planning and redesigning but I trust it’s been clear to people that, whilst the building may not look that different, a lot of work has indeed been done!

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