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This morning I was excited and provoked by Lyn Gardner's blog entry for the Guardian: Why major theatre institutions should be left to die.  The headline doesn't quite do justice to her argument, but it's a great read.  Her quote from Richard Dawkins about unrealised potential is particularly moving. 

While the suggestion of the headline is one I'm still pondering, I am wholeheartedly behind Lyn's call to arms on education:

"Education, community and participatory work is not an add-on. It should be at the heart of every arts organisation. It is the future."

Park is not yet built and yet education has been its heart right from the embryonic stage; it's something we all were passionate about well before Park was a twinkle in the proverbial eye.  It's not an afterthought; it's being constructed right into the fabric of the building.

You can read about Park's commitment to education (and our need for funds for this essential element of our work) here.

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