by Jez Bond

It was in conversation with my father earlier today that the title of today’s blog was coined – after he asked me “what’s F and B?”

It simply serves to highlight the sheer amount of bizarre information currently sloshing around in my head – I think sloshing is a fairly good word; it implies that there is enough room in there to move around and that therefore there is the ability to absorb more. At least this is what I hope as, having said this, I do sometimes feel a little like Johnny Mnemonic – or some other such science fiction creation – who needs to dump a portion of long term memory in order to add the new short term load. I just hope that I get it right and that I’m not sitting in my armchair in 50 years time having forgotten the holidays I spent as a child but remembering fondly how to calculate the kilowatt consumption of an air conditioning unit taking into account wet bulb humidity. Thank god my wife has a great memory – so as long as I remember her name, and where I live, I know I’ll be okay.

The F and B consultant today demonstrated that there are many different ways to… oh I’m sorry, I’m doing it again! The Food and Beverage consultant today demonstrated that there are many different ways to operate that side of the business. We could for example run the cafe bar ourselves, we could lease it out to a company, we could pay a management fee to a company who would then run it and pass the profit (or loss) to us, we could even split this and run the bar ourselves but get a company to run the cafe… the list goes on. One thing is apparent, there are some exciting opportunities for us here but we need to engage in some market research primarily to confirm exactly what it is we should be offering (Indian restaurant on the side?) and then do some figures to decide which management option we would like to go with. A serious case of ‘watch this space’!

F & B, M & E, ABTT, HSE, QS, ITEAC, CDM, HVAC, DPM, ETC, CAT5 and GPM – to name a few……

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