by Melli Bond

I talk about the theatre mostly, the build, the fundraising, the gala-but I haven't spoken too much about the cafe bar. It's been on my mind more as we have been looking at specifics with the bar space. I'd like to think the cafe bar is destined for being THE creative place to come for a drink and hang out in Finsbury Park. As a dog owner, lover, enthusiast, rescuer and foster carer I have found a serious lack of cool dog friendly places to go for the evening in London - outside of the pub world. Hey the local pub is great sure, but sometimes - and for me often times- I would like something a bit different. I'd like to hang out in a place with my dog and have a nice cocktail, hear some good music and be in a lively atmosphere. So does Hazel. She enjoys being with me and people are always absolutely surprised at how well behaved she is in public - it's because I take her everywhere. She likes to go shopping, rides the tube, the bus, the train, she loves big parks and city streets, she gets on with dogs and people - and gosh does she LOVE people. I know we in Britain are dog friendly and at Park- we are dog advocates - and that doesn't only mean dogs - we are animal advocates. It's all in the name- Park, you find everyone in parks - and it's same with us. I feel that as a theatre we are the first place to advocate gentleness and understanding to the world through our plays - but we can also do this with love by appreciating animal kind. 

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