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Amy has often protested about the digital segregation of the Park Theatre family.  As the beloved and recently deceased Maureen wheezed her way through our staff meetings, game for anything and a match for almost any word processing software, the rest of us used to stare guiltily at whatever shiny product we had been able to exchange for our souls.  As a hapless Apple junkie, the immortal and immaterial part of myself has all the integrity of a naked credit default swap.  [That's just a little credit crunch joke to set the morning off with a bang].

As you might know, we're very interested in how technology can be employed to make Park Theatre more efficient, more accessible and more exciting.  It would be naive to think that creating an app and splicing a few video projections into each production would automatically draw in a new and young audience, but it's clear that the way the public engages with creative organisations is evolving and we would like to participate in that change.  We've recently submitted a funding application to Nesta to develop a new digital platform for interaction and for sharing content.  We're also working on an advanced box office system that will make it easy to book and collect tickets, and of course we're equipping both of our performance spaces with the infrastructure to support a range of new technologies.

We're certainly not the only organisation looking to make the most of the digital culture.  Which direction would you like to see us take with these projects, and are there any specific aspects of technology that you like or dislike?

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