Creative Minds and Hearts

by Melli Bond

I have some newly appointed Creative Learning teachers and I'm very pleased to add them to our little team. They are all geared up for our new term and we are ready for action.

We have gone into wonderful discussions about what being truly creative means and what a joy it is to delve into your imagination - and this can be done at any age. With the little ones its all about engaging the early senses - and what better way to do that with an exciting interactive story where you can be anyone and anywhere. What worlds can you create? What lives and lifetimes can you explore?

With our Season 3 as the inspiration for the courses we are thrilled to be engaging all ages into the world of the creative mind. It's a place where magic happens. Do be sure to add a little magic to your day - whether you are in a creative learning course, seeing a show or just at home cooking dinner it's wonderful to explore life's possibilities through your minds eye. Imagination sets our minds free - and this gives me hope for our world.

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