by Jez Bond

Following on from yesterday’s blog, some very exciting opportunities have arisen with Celia on board and she is kindly assisting with contacting other influential industry professionals – both local and national, both ‘names’ and non ‘names’. Lots of work ahead, with some heavies on board many doors open. In open response to somebody’s tweet to me – no I didn’t get any cucumber sandwiches (perhaps they are strictly afternoon only!) but I enjoyed some lovely homemade cup cakes!

Today, by contrast, was dull and stressful. Melli has left for Beirut, where she is leading some workshops for refugees. I am gagging for an evening off – even alone it can sometimes prove to be a very pleasurable experience. However no such luck. So much to do, it’s non stop. Terrible day today spending a lot of time achieving virtually nothing. Between picking up some cash for the manual labourers on site, fixing a door handle and backing up a computer that may be about to have a hard drive failure I’m out of time. And all the while I have been carefully taking around my suffering four legged companion.

Both stressed, both frustrated. At least she gets to sleep tonight. I’m off to the theatre. Looking forward to the show, but then it’s an early start and late finish tomorrow, a massive day on Friday, a very early Saturday, a busy Sunday, then on Monday we drive to Bury St Edmunds to have a tour of the theatre and see the current show.

Then Melli gets back…

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