by Jez Bond

It’s that time of the year when my immune system is attacked by fatigue, stress and the change in weather – although I wouldn’t admit to the first two. I’m well accustomed to this now, after years – my throat glands are always my Achilles’ heel. A few lemsips and ibuprofen can help to soothe but nothing cures apart from time. So on we go with much to do, neither the company nor the building will create themselves!

Joules has firmed up the basis for the lighting rigs in both theatres, so Dave and Paul can now coordinate this within their architectural and structural scheme.

David is looking at the figures from the heat outputs of the dimmer racks and sound equipment. Once this is complete we will be in a position to issue an updated brief to a selection of contractors.

Just had a very interesting meeting with Joe Fredericks from MokitaGrit productions who is staging a production of Sondheim’s ‘Company’ at the Southwark Playhouse in the new year. We discussed ways in which we – The Park Theatre – could get involved. Lots to think about. Possibly more on this to come…

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