by Jez Bond

A quick blog before my main blog of the day to say thanks to those who have contributed comments in the past. Oddly on this version of WordPress one doesn’t seem to be able to display comments on the main page – only to approve them so that they can be expanded if one clicks on the tiny ‘view comment’ sign.

As such I have decided to publish yesterday’s comment from board Member David Barry:

“Far be it for me to make remarks about anyone’s sanity; I was one of the board members of FinFuture who heard your presentation. Yes we did think you “brave” and we did see the task before you as “challenging”; and we did see you as “risk taking” but only through risk taking which requires bravery can anything really worthwhile be achieved.

We all thought you very welcome; our challenge is the regeneration of Finsbury Park, which is about many things, supporting business -certainly – and theatre is a business, a peculiarly labour intensive one, building a sense of community, and we know from the ancient Greeks how theatre can contribute to this, and improving amenity – and what better amenity than a theatre?

As to the sanity of any of us, Bernard Shaw remarked that improvement is only achieved by the unreasonable man as the reasonable man adjusts to things as they are…..”

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