by Jez Bond

I’d usually be grumbling about how people close for Christmas – okay not actually the Christmas day part (I’m not Scrooge) but for such an extended period of time during the holiday season – however due to my aching head and tight chest I am content to take my antibiotics and deal with fewer incoming emails. Most companies start back on the 4th Jan. We will resume warp speed at that point.

A December update:

Lots of exciting meetings arranged for Jan/Feb
Banner to be displayed on site mid Jan
Party wall awards beng issued and heavy work due to start in Feb
More PR to follow (had another phone interview with the local papers today)
Facebook group, Twitter followers and mailing list all growing.

Keep spreading the word folks!

I won’t say that this is my final blog of the year (lest I be hypocritical) and certainly ill health has never stopped me before, but let’s just say that you might expect fewer words from me between now and the new year…

Happy holidays to all!

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