by Jez Bond

A mixed day today, beginning with a review of some recent quotes – one for a tension wire grid, which I shall write much more about should we progress down this route. I then changed the blog template and photo – hence the new image (courtesy of Ben Jones, HJF) which graces the page.

Melli and I have acquired a veritable library of plays yet, due to space restrictions, these will remain boxed up waiting to furnish the shelves in our office at The Park. So, amidst the usual emails and phone calls I aided Melli in her process of cataloguing everything. Like any director, I have built up over the years a list of ‘plays I’d love to direct’ (that’s the actual title of the file on the computer) and now we have particular reason to add to it and read more and more plays. Fully listed and sortable by playwright or title at the click of a button, this will provide us with the immediate benefit of knowing exactly what plays we have. Having said this no collection would be complete without two copies of Pinter Plays 1.

Two boxes down, two to go – almost 250 plays so far…

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