by Jez Bond

Cat5, Cat5a or Cat6e? That is the question. Which cable format do we install? It’s a question of cost versus futureproofability (bugger off Apple spellcheck, the Germans wouldn’t have any problem with that word!)

As well as striving for quality and forward thinking approaches to all we do I am very conscious of not over spec’ing our building. We have to consider whether we are likely to ever require to do more than the lowest grade option can achieve. If the answer is yes we then have to ask ourselves whether by the time we do so the current infrastructure would be obsolete and replaced by new technology anyway. Of course it’s all guess work, nobody will tell you. In fact the toughest thing with all of these data installations that I am in the midst of organising this week (digital signage, telecoms, IT etc) is that each company has an entirely different opinion to the next. We expect this in the world of art, but in the field of building and technology it proves to be utterly confusing and unhelpful.

Just been on site to meet with director/producer Rae McKen of Custom Practice theatre company, whose Macbeth I saw last week at RichMix. They are a new company with big ambitions and with both of our spaces of interest to them, there is potential for future partnership.

After two more meetings/tours on site (Hi Rose!) I finally headed to an extremely hard to find location for a site specific production of Islington Community Theatre’s ‘Frank and Ferdinand’. Ned Glasier had done a fantastic job in coordinating a cast and crew of over eighty!

Now back to the world of CAT et al…

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