by Jez Bond

A technical learning curve today on the subject of CAT5 telephone, internet and network infrastructure. I wouldn’t say that I am a master by any means but, after having spoken to a number of extremely helpful companies, I am however aware of the basic workings of the systems and the options available to us.

One particularly good discovery – which I suspected existed – was the use of telephone systems that handle multiple extensions without multiple lines. What I mean is this: where we are looking at having, say, one telephone number for admin related calls, we will require perhaps 8 telephones to ring on this number but we will only require the ability for 3 people to be on the phone simultaneously. Now, I am simplifying things slightly but, in essence, with BT and even Virgin Business, the only way to do this is to pay for 8 line rentals. Other telecom system providers, however, can provide the same solution with just 3 line rentals. The equipment that one needs to buy in order to facilitate this pays for itself very quickly compared with the ongoing monthly rental of additional lines.

All crucial parts of building a theatre. At this stage we need to get it all right and no one thing is more important than the other.

Our great friend and board member Rakie Ayola is playing at the national in Moira Buffini’s ‘Welcome to Thebes’ and Melli and I went to the Olivier to see the show this evening. Rakie was captivating as ever.

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