by Jez Bond

As Associate Director my role is packed full of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is as Literary Manager. During my trip to the States in September (anyone who read my blog then will remember this) I received a number of plays from New York literary agents. I have been slowly making my way through these. I had hoped to have finished reading them all before the end of 2010 but with so many things going on I haven’t been able to meet my own deadline. I am still reading but have kicked it up a notch as I am determined to finish this winter! I have just read a play that I really enjoyed. It’s really funny and thought provoking. Just the kind of play that I know my Artistic Director would like to see as an audience member. This is my first thought always – would I want to see this play? Today’s response was yes. I would definitely see this play. It may be the fact that I saw a Tennessee Williams play last night, or that I’m feeling a little bit more southern today but I liked it.

[By Melli Bond, Associate Director]

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