by Melli Bond

It seems a silly thing to need to remind oneself of - to breathe. But it can be such an important thing to do in our lives where stress makes you tight mouthed, and dry throated. In the world of building a small thing as a new theatre it can be - well a little stressful at times. Today I spent the entire day breathing. No not in a yoga studio (though I do love my yoga, as you regular readers with know). No today it was in a recording studio for the entertainment of others. Yes all day long I did variations on breathing, long breaths, short breaths, gasping, desperate, panic breathes and my favourite - the calm breathing. Yes being an actress means I have some interesting jobs and today was no exception. I blissfully enjoyed my lunch break which consisted of acupuncture and massage followed by what - oh yes a sandwich then more breathing! So I think you can all rest assured that while I am steadily working my tail-feather off I had the luxury of a low stress day. Of course I had to catch my breath after seeing the mass amounts of emails that flooded my inbox after a day of breathing in the studio but that isn't really a shocker. So tonight I plunge back into the pool and hold my breath - but don't worry not for too long.

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...I just wanted to say that when the

By Laura Marel | Fri 13 Jul 2012

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