by Jez Bond

Something happened last week. Three things actually. And when they did they collided so perfectly that their union opened up a door and let in a breath of fresh air. It was almost as if I hadn’t realised the immense pressure I had been under for the past eighteen months until the audible sigh of relief with which I surprised myself. So whilst the way forward may be as complex and hard to tread as before I continue afresh, with a renewed energy.

A realisation crossed my mind last week. It was the fact that I had been writing this blog for over a year – in fact nearer eighteen months. It’s been a long and unpredictable journey so far and, as far as the blog goes, I’m not sure where it will end. Opening night feels right but then we’ll leave our loyal blog followers stranded. So I imagine that we, The Park Theatre, will continue to blog at irregular intervals, as many theatres do. But something tells me that when – or if – I stop the daily routine, it could be very difficult for me, personally, to ever pick it back up.

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