by Jez Bond

We’ve got that end of the week fervour!

Mini breakthroughs with our game of ‘flash the logo’. I recommend trying it at home kids. For example, draw a few pictures. Now, show the first pic to mum or dad and in a flash you take it away and show them the next one. You’ll get their honest opinion kids!

Games aside, we’ve really been working all day – turning the lights brighter as the day goes on – and like the lights so is my optimism about our funding package. I think we have a “banging” project. That’s the word on the street no less.

“Banging” means excellent and admirable. I often receive comments on my well bangin’ dog. She is pretty wonderful!

Again, pets and buzz words aside, it has been week full of transitions and phases. So as we phase into the weekend I bid you good night.

Melli Bond, Associate Director

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