BLOG 300

by Jez Bond

It’s a rainy grey day – one of those English afternoons where the rain just keeps pouring solidly well into the evening. One of those rain storms that are so severe they make you question the repairs to the roof that were done the previous year. But that’s at home. On site, it’s a different story – the roof does leak, quite admirably, and there are no plans to patch it up for it’s a moot point – soon they’ll be no roof at all. Whilst it’s not doing an entirely sterling job at the moment it is, today, luckily still in existence – otherwise we’d have a touch of the Bridewell (ref: theatre that used to be a swimming pool).

There are now holes in the wall overlooking the neighbouring courtyard. These are for the pad-stones that will support the new steels. The light-well in the centre of the space has been bashed out and the concrete encasing the new drainage has nearly all dried. This is blog number 300. Captain’s log. Over and out…

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