by Jez Bond

Bit by bit today things have been getting closer to the finish line.

On site I witnessed the fitting of some of the steel that had been delivered by the crane yesterday. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle it’s all starting to take shape. The hoarding at the front has received its first coat of red and a new ramp has been erected inside, to take the new steels up half a storey to the back of the building on the upper ground floor.

We had a good meeting with Charles from Hall Stage and started to chat about how and when we would go about the install of his kit – the biggest piece is 3m x 3m and very heavy, so it all needs to be extremely well thought through.

I also had a meeting with Susan Elkin, the Education Editor at The Stage. It was lovely to show her round and chat to someone else who really cares about education and young people.

I popped in to Feast in the afternoon  – the website is nearly ready. It’s looking fantastic, I’m very excited! The development pack is coming on well too, and Brendan is currently creating a custom-made map for us that we can use on all printed and digital material.

Back at base it’s go go go as I did more work on the business plan and – this is the most exciting bit – signed off on the Operational Year 1, 2 and 3 budgets (we hadn’t got past Year 1 in any detail before).

Loads of tours coming up and loads of theatre trips coming up (we’ve had a much needed break recently, by that I mean only two or three a week).

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