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Last night, for the first time, the staff, trustees and ambassadors of The Park assembled in the same place at the same time.  It may seem odd that we have never all been in the same room before - but as the theatre itself is still a building site and we are all working away towards the same end in separate places, meeting only in small groups and teams, there has never been an opportunity.

So yesterday at the Groucho Club, this state of affairs was put well and truly right.  Inevitably, ideas were thrown around; working relationships sparked or cemented; plans were hatched.  But mainly it was a night of friendship and celebration.  Celebration of how far we have come already and of the extraordinary Park family of which we are each a part.

Coincidentally, there were a couple of extra reasons to celebrate last night.  For me personally, earlier in the day I had signed up with a wonderful literary agent at the prestigious Agency.  I found her warm, intelligent and astonishingly passionate about my work; it feels like the beginning of a great relationship.  And then when midnight came around it was our esteemed Artistic Director's birthday - the best possible excuse for a few extra toasts and tributes. 

So, from a slightly bleary Writer in Residence and the entire Park family: happy birthday, Jez.  We look forward to celebrating the next one with you in the Park Theatre itself.

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