by Brackets Digital

One of the recurring problems of being Scottish is that I've never learnt the rain dance.  In balance it's probably a good thing, as my dancing is easily mistaken for a crude and unpredictable form of primordial warfare.  A rain dance from me would most likely induce a climate catastrophe that would make even The Weather Girls blush.  Which is why I have decided to launch an appeal to all of our supporters to slip on their meteorological dancing shoes and help us shape the weather.  Next Tuesday is our first on-site fundraising party, and as Jordan has failed to deliver a roof two months early, we are seeking a balmy thirty degrees on the mercury and a nice crimson sunset to put our guests in the giving mood.  I'm prepared to offer bonus points to any dance that can deliver a sign from on high that now would be a good time to support Park Theatre.  So don your sombrero and shake out that old Hawaiian bird skirt: it's time to rock.

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