by Jez Bond

This morning we were given a brutally honest and thorough tour of RichMix – the venue where s few weeks back I had enjoyed Custom Practice’s production of Macbeth. It was, as ever, extremely useful to see. Venues both good and bad in terms of their architecture can teach us a great deal as we move forward with our design. RichMix is a great venue for multiple purpose use and I am sure that the general user experience is positive, however it is evident that the staff – who have to operate the building – have a great number of concerns about the way everything has been thought out. As well as spending money in some oddly inappropriate places (or more likely these were just the places that were finished before money ran out) the cinemas have clearly had some thought and a decent budget. I must express a desire to see a film there soon and at £9 a seat it’s cheaper than the other offerings from Odeon, Cineworld etc.

Moving quickly on after another talk about the ‘S’ word (Dave and Martin sitting smiling quietly while I ranted) I then met a ticketing company on site.

This was a very useful meeting. Not only because it reminded me of what we are doing but also because, like many aspects of this mammoth project, it is relatively complex and Fergus, with whom I met, was extremely helpful, clear and transparent, guiding me through the system and humouring me and my foibles along the way. Thanks to him I now have a clear understanding of the way that box office solutions, credit card transactions and other payments work.

A fair few responses already from our newsletter regarding sits tours. Looking forward to showing people round and answering questions. Back to the laptop now to complete a number of tasks, including finishing a database of agents to invite to industry tours which we are arranging on separate days.

And to think more about the dreaded S (over a stiff drink)

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