by Jez Bond

The following to be read in a dramatic ‘movie voice’:

“4 white recessed double wall sockets

3 single telephone points with master plus auxiliaries on separate lines

2 double glazed clear partially opening roof lights with trickle vents

1 FD30 fire door with single vision panel, electro magnetic release, push release to exterior and fire breakout button

In a world of construction comes a tale of one man… who went to work a theatre. He was a guy with a dream. But the dream was bigger than he ever imagined. When the data sheets needed scripting, the details took him into a whole new world… Park Pictures in association with Bond Productions brings you the true story of a quest:

‘Room Data Sheets’

How far will you go…?

Coming soon to selected cinemas, not in 3D but in a room finished with a coat of white emulsion over existing plasterboard, ceiling bare and 380mm raised floor finished in plywood.”

[Hugely oversimplified for the purposes of drama]

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