by Brackets Digital

Another fundraiser last night, this time lubricated by the delights of the new Park Theatre Highball, kindly provided by the Compass Box Whisky Company.  It was a cold drink on a cold, damp night - the site is still very draughty, drippy and puddly - and I could tell that a few of our guests were wondering just how, exactly, they had come to be drinking cocktails in their coats on a building site on a dismal Thursday night.

But The Park did its magic once again and, warmed by the tour of the building (and maybe a little by their whiskies), by the end of the evening our brave invitees were sharing in the vision and relishing that 'I was there' moment that only a peek inside the shell can provide.

With the help of a particularly fine amber nectar - itself lovingly created from plain old barley, water, heat, yeast and more than a little magic - all present could clearly envisage how this damp jumble of scaffolding, girders and cement would soon be transformed into a place of enchantment.  It's all about alchemy (oh yes, and bloody hard work).

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