by Jez Bond

Every day on site now brings something new. The steelworkers constantly expand the giant mecano set that is the Park Theatre auditoria frame meanwhile, at the very top of the building, the electricians and plumbers race to finish off the flats.

Intrigued by the goings on in N4 and lured in by the promise of a new theatre in this (cliche) "current economic climate", a number of high profile industry professionals continue to pop by to see the work taking place.

Just yesterday Alan Rickman spent a sunny hour and half touring around the building and chatting through our plans. It was delightful to chat with him and gain his valuable insight into things from technical theatre placememts to fundraising (if one has Harry Potter's wand, one should put it on Ebay not a private auction).

Sitting on a girder with all the steel workers at the end of the afternoon, Alan demonstrated that he was happy to get stuck in. He may often play the villain, but he's charming in real life. If only we'd had some extra tools he might still be here. He'll be back soon, though, keen to see the progress - and we have much more to discuss...

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I am super jealous. I would love to meet him in person! :(

By Aly | Sun 22 Jul 2012

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