by Jez Bond

I went to the National to see ‘After The Dance’ last night. Being a fan of Rattigan I enjoyed it tremendously, particularly the suicide! Oh that sounds terrible morbid, but I mean ‘dramatically’. The show was the hottest ticket in town, having sold out its entire run and having had huge return queues for the past two weeks. Yesterday was the last night and – thanks to Mr Julian McCready and his pals – I sneaked in to watch it from the lighting box.

Hmm. I think that’s my first blog concerning a prior day. As I write every weekday it never seems appropriate. However yesterday I was moved to blog a quote (let someone else do the talking for once) and somehow it seemed so perfect I thought anything added would have ruined the effect – apart, of course, from my little note stating that nothing more should be said. Okay OCD over and out…

By the way what’s up with grammar in public places. The misuse of the apostrophe gives me as much pain some days as calculating the number of wall sockets on the lower ground floor. In the park a metropolitan police sign stated: ‘No BBQ’s allowed in this park’.

And don’t tell me that it was an abbreviation for ‘no BBQ is allowed in this park’! Police… Hello..? This is a crime!

Okay now really over and out (hehe!)

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