by Jez Bond

The ABTT trade show’s here, come try a seat, come sip a a beer

there’s flip seats, a retracting tier, your questions answered, have no fear

The multitude of gadgetry, displayed for all the hoards to see

The exhibition filled with glee, with hardly any boundary

The fuel cell powered by hydrogen, the rig that takes the weight of men

The lead time’s long – you want it when? Here take a biscuit, have a pen.

The point hoist sliding on its beam, the curtains; black or red – or cream

They track along to change the scene, no less in here than in your Dream

The Roland desk that proudly stands, beside the set of wireless cans

The LEDs and DMX, the trusses, tracks, the smoke effects

The decking, staging (anti-rust), the stand manned by The Theatres Trust

supply, install, for sale or hire, the access ladder, the tension wire

The a b c, the 1 2 3, the lighting boards from ETC

But fairies fair and drama queens, are far from here behind the scenes

It’s here we start to build away, the stages where they love to play

The audience, the gasping crowd, when Peter Pan flies through through the cloud

The ABTT trade show’s here, come try a seat come sip a beer…

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