by Jez Bond

For the past couple of weeks, someone somewhere in London has been beavering away with bits of card and glue to create our 1:100 scale model of the building. The version being made is what we would call in the theatre a white card model – that is to say that it is without some of the more advanced features such as colour and texture.

A fully featured ‘all bells and whistles’ model would take a considerably longer to make and  would result in considerable unnecessary expense – as the advantage of this version is that we will be able to play with the different surfaces and fabrics as opposed to being presented with a finished work of art that we would be worried about touching and destroying.

Tomorrow the model will arrive at Hughes Jones Farrell – but after searching high and low and talking to various suppliers we have it on good authority that there is “a worldwide shortage of little people”. As such there will be no adoring audience sitting in the studio, no enthused spectators furnishing the bench seating in the main house. For that we’ll just have to wait. Perhaps even right now someone somewhere is packing them into a container marked for London. Let’s hope the little folk arrive soon – then, if we’re feeling really ambitious, we can start colouring them in too!

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