by Jez Bond

Starting with 7am emails and document editing on the laptop before heading in to site. First meeting regarding funding, second regarding box office systems. Talking on the tube to a substation contractor on route and emailing Leon (in Barcelona) to arrange our next phone meeting to discuss the latest draft of the musical. Writing blog early as grabbing any available minute. Need to make a call about Saturday and another about the upcoming festival (to arrange costumes). Plus about three things that I have written down as i knew I would forget. Need to speak to Homes For Islington today but can’t until Monday – note to self: send an email to book in an appointment. Also need to submit licence application – though still haven’t heard from them about payment. Ooh and email theatre info to a couple of agents. Finally booked in a meeting to discuss the many priorities with Melli on Monday. Remember it’s down to Brighton tonight for some site specific, promenade Pinter!

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