by Jez Bond

All rather quiet and no popping open bottles of champagne, but amidst chasing up our structural engineer, seeing more theatres and looking over quotes for seats and staging, the planning application has today been submitted to the council. A small landmark on a long journey, tainted in one sense by the knowledge that there are imminent tweaks and modifications – a result of both the London Fire Brigade input (which affects our licensing) and of some cost engineering solutions – but an achievement nonetheless. The best thing of all is the fact the date for the committee decision is now getting ever closer, as opposed to ever further as would have been had we delayed our submission. Come October we are confident to have the sign off on the building of our dreams and the architects assure us that any changes we are now considering are minor and can be inserted as amendments during the application process. Watch this space – and sign up to our mailing list (by emailing info’theatsign’parktheatre.co.uk with your details) – to see the planning application number which we will circulate as soon as we receive it from the council.

Other news today: the little people have arrived! They will be glued into their seats – and, I believe, as actors on to the stage and visitors in the foyers – over the next 48 hours. By the end of the week the scale model should be ready to view. I’ll take a photo and post it on our facebook group. Join now if you haven’t yet!..

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