by Jez Bond

It was such a miserably wet day today. In the morning it rained for four hours non stop. The fields in the park were completely flooded and even the alley to the tube station was impossible to traverse without wellington boots.

But it wasn’t monday itself that was lame. In fact it was quite productive on the ‘Company’ front – we made some great headway with the set, albeit resolving issues that should have been done months ago. Shame we didn’t get as far with our electrical issues for The Park – nothing yet resolved, though information is being looked at and people aren’t sitting still.

Melli has been away filming at a motion capture studio in Oxford and, amongst meetings and another transmission workshop which I have just led, I have been looking after Hazel, our four legged mastiff friend. Sadly she is currently lame. She sustained an injury on her cruciate ligament a few months ago and was eventually cured by a mixture of anti-inflammatory pills plus lots of rest. Once more this is all that can be done, so with the poor thing hopping around on three legs we have been keeping her on the lead in order that she doesn’t run and hurt herself on her unusually short walks.

Melli is still out. I am heading back on the bus now. As if it had never stopped, the rain is again pouring down!

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