by Jez Bond

It’s pouring with rain as I write this but earlier today as I trod the streets of Islington the sun was shining down on me.

I first met with one of the local ward councillors. As he had visited the site before we met in the more comfortable council offices. My intention over the next two weeks is to speak the relevant members of the council – and by relevant I mean those that sit on the planning committee, the licensing committee or are an executive member. It is important for me to speak to councillors face to face in order to bring them up to date with the latest plans. It’s comparatively cold to read about somebody’s dream on paper and I want to ensure that my passion for the project comes across.

With my laptop, a set of plans and some printouts of our e-newsletters in hand, I proceeded to the next meeting, this time with two actors who I toured round the site for the first time.

I then returned to the council offices in Islington and met the head of arts for the borough. We went for a coffee and chatted at breakneck pace about where we are now and the way forward.

Back home and discussions resumed on the subject of our logo. Up to now we have been using a temporary one on our newsletters as, whilst various designs have been drawn up over the past few months, we have not yet agreed on a final logo. We will begin to look at some more options over the next couple of weeks.

We are soon to mount a banner on the facade of the building and it would be good to include the logo on this. Watch that space!

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