by Jez Bond

After having spent an entire day yesterday in the company of Hughes and Jones (Farrell will have to wait) we repeated the formula today. As if a car journey to Stratford and back complete with gags about shingles, Mossad agents and Richard Griffiths wasn’t enough!

At Hughes Jones Farrell’s offices in Southwark, Dave Hughes, aka D-Ave, (you really had to be in the car for that one) gave me a short induction to Vector Works and I completed the addition of door and window references to the floorplans, successfully managing not to destroy any walls, or indeed wipe out entire floors, in the process.

Towards the end of the afternoon Melli (Bond, associate director) arrived and tried her hand at glueing our little people to the model. Main house stalls complete, a few seats still available in the circle! Photos of the model will follow, as promised, but we must finish it first.

Melli and I then went to see ‘The Beauty Queen of Leenane’ at The Young Vic with David Apple, our M & E engineer, and his partner. Whilst not as good as the original production the play, a powerful and darkly comic drama, was enjoyed by us all. Dinner followed at the Waterloo Bar & Kitchen, just round the corner from the Old Vic, and the food was delicious as ever. Highly recommended for a pre or post theatre meal: www.barandkitchen.co.uk

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