by Jez Bond

It has been a hectic weekend and for the past few days I have been up at 7am and to bed at 2am. With the tender process ongoing and the vast amount of work needing to be done in developing the brand, the USP and the fundraising initiatives there has been little time for fun and frolics. Only today after days of furiously beavering away – and only enjoying the beautiful sunshine on walks to meetings – was I able to see a way out.

Suddenly there appeared a break in the trees ahead, a glimmer of sunlight teasing its way through the branches. Beyond that no respite, but a milestone marking ‘one less week to go’ which is reward enough. Of course more trees and more milestone lie beyond that again. But to be at this one…

I wrote this blog on the tube this afternoon. I have just now finished for the day and am about to make some food and watch a DVD and it’s only 9.30pm – result!

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