by Jez Bond

An early start today as associate director, Melli Bond, travelled to Heathrow airport bound for New York to meet with theatre companies and literary agents.

Following her departure on the tube, Hazel (our Mastiff cross) and I went for a long walk. The streets of London were decidedly eerie. Traffic at 8am was almost non-existent and pedestrians were few and far between. It seemed more like a scene from ’28 Days Later’ than a typical bank holiday. Indeed, I rather felt it would the perfect setting for the sequel to the sequel (’28 Weeks Later’) and began to contemplate the setting for what would complete the trilogy: ’28 Months Later’.

As Hazel and I returned home I put the phone down to Melli who had successfully checked in and was about to board the plane. A jumbo jet passed overhead. Soon that would be her. Bon Voyage!

Expect some blogs from New York over the next few days…

Dave Hughes forwarded me the link to an article about us in the RIBA journal. It’s fantastic to get a mention as obviously there are a great number of architect designed projects occurring all the time and it’s only designs of exceptional merit or interest that make it to the pages of the journal. We hope that as we move forward they will continue to cover our journey. See the second article down, ‘Finsbury Park acts up’:


Of course 28 months has another connotation – it has been approximately a year to the week when we first set our eyes on 11-13 Clifton Terrace. It will be another year to eighteen months for the building works and fit-out to take place. 28 months may well be turn out to be the total time from first seeing the building to moving in.

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